#1 Weapon of Choice for all Ukraine Citizens…

The people of Ukraine have been fighting back against Russia’s occupation with a new beer drink that is sure to make any soviet soldier feel warm & fuzzy. The Lviv-based Pravda Brewery has pivoted its production from regular lagers into Molotov cocktails, in order for soldiers or civilians living under martial law conditions to prevail over tanks and troops sent by Moscow’s government.

Molotovs are designed to ignite the components of a vehicle’s fuel, air and electrical system. A tank or vehicle will quickly burn down if it lacks any fire suppression equipment onboard.

Ironically enough, the Molotov cocktail was originally created to destroy Russia’s tanks during the Winter War in 1939. The name is derived from Vyacheslav Miholjtoy, who at that time served as Russian Foreign Minister and led his country into an unauthorized conflict with Finland over blamed territory disputes. To this day it remains one of history’s most effective anti-armor weapons systems – capable not only against heavy armor but also being easy enough for any ordinary person can use!