9-Year-Old Boy Refused Life Saving Treatment Due to Parental Status — This is Wrong!

A Cleveland Hospital refused to give a 9-year old boy a life saving kidney transplant because his father hasn’t taken the COVID -19 vaccine.

In 2018 before the pandemic began, Dane Donaldson was found to be a perfect match for his son Tanner. The family decided to delay the kidney transplant because of the 20 year life expectancy of a healthy kidney being transplanted. In order to give back as much life expectancy as possible,  they delayed surgery until after 2021.

Now the Children’s Hospital is refusing to perform the transplant operation because the father is unvaxed.

Mr. Donaldson is in the insurance business and refused to get vaccinated for religious reasons and not to mention, has seen a large number of clients becoming critically ill after getting the vaccine.

Although the father has promised the Hospital to sign a waiver protecting the hospital from liability, but the Children’s clinic still refused to perform the transplant.

Mr. Donaldson is now looking at other hospitals but is getting the same answers elsewhere. The hospitals all seem to stand together with the same policy of “No Jab, No Transplant”.

It’s like a death threat for refusing to get the jab. I guess it’s just one more way to make everyone comply!