Abolish the Police? Prepare to Defend Yourself…

Abolish the Police? Prepare to Defend Yourself...

Following the death of George Floyd, protests and riots broke out across the country — and have since spread throughout the world. The 13 members of the Minneapolis City Council, the city where Floyd was killed, voted on something radical in response: to disband the city police.

On Sunday, 9 of the 13 council members voted to dismantle the police force and replace it with a new office. Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, has stated that he does not support the disbandment of the police force. The majority of those in support, however, make the decision veto-proof. Frey stated that he and Chief Medaria Arradondo, along with the community, need to work together on addressing both police reforms and systemic racism in police culture.

The idea of reducing the police force is largely unpopular in the US with only 20% agreeing with the idea. Additionally, data from the Washington Post suggests that the idea of police giving into systemic racism when taking action is questionable.

In 2019, nine unarmed African American men were killed by police, which only makes up for 0.1% of African Americans killed that year, as Heather Mac Donald stated. A Justice Department study into the Philadelphia Police Department in 2015 found that African American men were more likely to be killed by an African American or Hispanic officer rather than a Caucasian officer. The Minneapolis mayor also stated that when police pull out of communities, African American death rates tend to rise.

The call to defund or disband police departments isn’t only happening in Minneapolis — it is spreading.

Without a police force, we’d be left on our own to defend ourselves. If ever there was a time to stand up and fight for your Second Amendment rights, it is now.

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