American Unrest: Another Shooting Fuels Protests

( – Protests and rioting over the death of George Floyd have been seen for weeks now. Just when things seem to have finally calmed down, or at least have not been as prevalent on major news networks, this latest incident rekindled the flame of tension. Protests and vandalism have erupted in Atlanta yet again.

Protestors flooded the streets of Atlanta after the fatal shooting of 27-year old Rayshard Brooks, who was a father of four. The incident seemed to be a routine sobriety test before Brooks resisted arrest. Rayshard had fallen asleep in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s in Atlanta and the police were called because he was blocking the drive-thru.

Brooks was initially seen talking to the officers and being cooperative until they attempted to handcuff him. Then, he took one officer’s taser and attempted to run, even pointing it back at the cops, before being shot twice in the back. Brooks died from the gunshots, which caused organ failure due to blood loss.

Protestors blocked a major highway on both sides, preventing traffic from either direction to continue. The Wendy’s where the incident occurred was set on fire. Rioters then blocked emergency services from putting the fire out.

The officer who fired the fatal shots has been fired and the other has been assigned administrative duty. The shooting of Rayshard Brooks has been ruled a homicide by medical examiners.

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