America’s Food Processing Plants Under Attack…

The recent string of fires at food facilities across America is leading many to believe that there’s an arson team specifically targeting these locations for destruction. This theory, if confirmed, would be consistent with other stories where engineered tactics like this have been deployed in order to reduce food abundance within our country:

– Union Pacific railroad, which is largely owned by Blackrock and Vanguard investment funds, has partially halted grain & fertilizer shipments.

– The mass destruction of Turkeys and Chickens, using fraudulent PCR testing to claim there’s another “bird flu epidemic.”

– Government paying farmers to destroy their crops.

– Joe Biden’s dismantling of America’s energy infrastructure, which directly affects agriculture and farming. The elimination of our pipelines, drilling & etc. has wildly increased prices, such as fuel & fertilizer due to the lack of supply that it brings about.

Recently the BlackConservativePatriot’s(BCP) audience was asked to investigate reports of fires affecting food facilities in the last few months. His listenership produced a list. Although the list has not yet been fully vetted, recent news stories have been widely covered such as Azure Standard Fire and Taylor Farms Food Processing Plant fire near Salinas California . Below is the list:

– Dried milk plant – Idaho fire 10-21
– Food processing plant fire San Antonio 12-21
– JBS beef plant fire 12-21
– Mississippi poultry feed mill boiler explosion 12–21
– Hamilton Mountain poultry processing plant fire 1-22
– LeCompte Feed mill fire, Louisiana 1-22
– Bonanza meat company fire El Paso, Texas 2-22
– Shearer’s Food Plant Fire, Oregon 2-22
– Mauston Wisconsin River Meats fire 2-22
– Food bank in Maricopa county Arizona- food pantry 50,000 pounds of food destroyed by fire 3–22
– Nestle fire Arkansas. 3-22
– Walmart distribution Center fire 3–22
– Potato processing plant Penobscot, Maine 3-22
– Sherbrooke, Canada food processing fire 4-22
– Fire grain elevator plant fire, Kansas 4-22
– Fertilizer plant fire 4-22
– Azure Standard fire 4-22
– Food processing plant fire, Salinas California 4-22

If there really is an engineered food shortage coming, that leaves most of us with 2 options.
Stockpile food with long expiration dates
Learn to grow your own food

Most of us will stockpile and hope for the best.

Many experts think we’ll just be facing hyper inflation in the USA so food will be available–it will just be far more expensive than any of us can imagine. Europe may not be so lucky. Stocking up…