Another Stimulus In Progress?

The massive $2.2 trillion stimulus bill passed through Congress Friday in seemingly record time. It addressed many concerns members of Congress had about the state of the economy and working people. However, not everyone got what they wanted, including House Democrats.

Already, another stimulus is being considered as Americans wait to receive a one-time check and, where applicable, unemployment relief funds. Businesses and Americans still need help, but Democrats are ready for another round to try and get their policies passed. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), among many others, almost immediately started talking about creating a new stimulus package.

Bernie mentioned workers in the airline industry continue to receive paychecks whether or not they’ve been furloughed. He wants to apply that model to the entire country. This, among other Democrat priorities, would be discussed if Congress were to commit to discussions surrounding a fourth economic stimulus package.

Whether it’ll come to fruition or remain a pipe dream of Democrats is yet to be seen.

Thank you to our friends at News Ready for contributing this piece.