#AntifaTerrorists Exposed by Project Veritas

#AntifaTerrorists Exposed by Project Veritas
Paris, France - May 26, 2018: Protestors wearing a Guy Fawkes mask light gas canisters to express their anger against French President Macro's government, among other issues, on the streets of Paris

Project Veritas is a right-wing activist group that focuses on exposing liberal bias and corruption. They do so through the use of disguises and hidden cameras, much like an undercover cop. Their latest accomplishment has been to expose Antifa and their hypocritical way of “protesting”.

Antifa members pride themselves on being ‘anti-fascist’, yet they do exactly what fascist would do. They’re violent people and anyone who disagrees with them is subject to violence. Thankfully, Trump’s administration and the US government intend to declare the group a domestic terrorist organization.

The undercover reporter, who’s name obviously can’t be given for their safety, has infiltrated Antifa and exposed their violent ways; Rose City Antifa to be precise. You can see in the video that they’re trained to be violent while also trying to look innocent. One member said that eye-gouging is encouraged because it doesn’t take much to injure a person’s eye, for example.

Finally, someone has exposed Antifa for what they truly are: violent fascists.
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