Assassination EMERGENCY – Putin Insiders Say This…

According to a new report by Daily Beast, Vladimir Putin’s regime has just issued a warning that “Putin’s chef” might soon be the target of an assassination attempt.  They say that orders have already been given.

Assassination Coming? The Kremlin has just issued a statement that the leader of Putin’s military-industrial complex system, Yevgeny Prigozhin, may soon be targeted in an assassination attempt.

Prigozhin is the boss of a group called “Wagner Group,” which is basically the Russian equivalent of America’s mercenary-for-hire group “BlackWater”.

Wagner Group controls some of the largest military contracts on earth and is one of the main organizations backing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. If killed, Prigozhin’s death could lead to an all out global war due to ramifications.

The Kremlin’s Warning! Apparently, the Kremlin is very worried about assassination attempts and even says that one has already been made!

On Russian state TV, a Kremlin official stated: “One of the requests Zelensky made [during a meeting with the CIA director] was the murder of the Wagner boss, Mr. Prigozhin.”

They’re warning that further action may soon be coming!