Nationwide Crisis Causing Concerns for Parents

Parents are going viral on social media to demand the country’s baby formula shortage be addressed. They’re posting pictures of empty store shelves, and pleas to news outlets as parents across America struggle with not being able to find any inventory in stores or online.

One mom tweeted last week:

The problem is not just finding particular formulas that individual babies can tolerate but expressing trouble getting the formula at all.

A New York mother of a newborn told FOX Business her baby lost a considerable amount of weight following the birth, so they had to supplement the baby’s diet with formula because she could not produce enough breast milk to keep up.

“When we ran to the local Target one day to get some formula just days after she was born, the shelves were completely empty,” the new mom said. “My heart literally sank.”

“Luckily, she doesn’t need any special formula, and I was able to order online, but not everyone has been as lucky,” she explained. “Our neighbor said her family member can’t find the sensitive type of formula for their newborn who has stomach issues anywhere. They’re in a panic daily not knowing if they’ll be able to feed their newborn tomorrow or the day after; my heart breaks for those parents.”

Parents are increasingly taking action by posting on Twitter and Facebook.

The baby formula shortage has escalated in recent weeks due to the recall from formula manufacturer Abbott Laboratories. The recall from the manufacturer was due to 2 infant deaths who reportedly consumed the formula made at the company’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan.

Since the shortage, major retailers, including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS, have placed limits on how much customers can purchase at one time.