Bad news, I’m sorry… this affects all of us

I’m on a lot of news sites every day. It’s my job to bring you the most important news and tips of the day to help you survive and thrive. I hate to say that there’s been no “good news” lately but it looks like we’re headed for near collapse if not full blown collapse of our financial system, food systems, transportation systems, commonsense and of course… law and order is out the window.

Between the stock market down 40% of the recent highs, infant formula outages, skyrocketing fuel prices (heading to $10+ per gallon?), food shortages, supply chain issues, censorship of the truth, and now a wave of mass shootings over the weekend, it all points to some sort of trend; things seem to be unraveling faster than we hoped.

With what appeared to be rigged elections (Google “2000 Mules”) and the free speech haters canceling anyone they don’t agree with, it would make perfect sense that our corrupt government has appointed its own Ministry of Truth “disinformation” board.

They claim real science is a fraud yet merely entering the medical system with a simple ailment can get you killed.

Too many young people are refusing to work so it’s no wonder we’re in such a rush to have robots do their work for them. Who will pay for all this?

Our education system is run by variable gender groomers, Hollywood is programming our children funded by Chinese dollars and the US military is taking orders from woke Pentagon officials. Shoot me now.

To top it off, the dollar is collapsing in real world value, even though it is higher than other currencies, but is that only temporary? The Fed is facing an almost certain economic collapse scenario, with the housing market bubble in the process of busting like we’ve never seen before in our lifetime.

Our dementia patient President installed by a rigged election is held up by fake news media who broadcast their scripts of lies and corporate disinformation to create race wars and Covid panic. To what end?

Unfortunately, none of this will get resolved with sanity or reason. We are definitely going to experience the cost of all this insanity and it’s not likely to get better anytime soon. It might be way too late for any kind of soft landing.

So what now? I don’t know about you, but I’ll hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Easier said than done. I don’t want to be standing in some Fema food rationing line this Summer feeling like an idiot wishing I’d taken more action to prepare.

Some of the obvious things we can all do is make sure we have a lot of extra food and supplies on hand. Water filtration, solar power generators, essential medications, canned goods, toilet paper, batteries, flash lights, propane, firearms, training, etc. All super important stuff. Good luck to us all—I hate to say, I think we’re going to need it.