Ballpoint Pen or Secret Weapon?

Ballpoint Pen or Secret Weapon?

You have several everyday items on you most of the time that can serve more than one purpose. For example, you can use a flashlight as a baton to ward off an attacker. Likewise, you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen for self-defense.

It’s easy to think of an ink pen as a writing utensil and not a weapon. However, with its long narrow shape, you can easily use an ink pen as a stabbing weapon. Although the human body has plenty of soft areas to penetrate, you should aim for vulnerable areas like the eyes and throat. It’s difficult to penetrate clothing using a ballpoint pen, and it’s useless against body armor.

However, you should consider purchasing a tactical pen for optimal self-defense. No, these aren’t just pens that look cool or sound tough. Although these pens serve as writing instruments, their unique design enables them to shatter a window. Some of these pens also come equipped with a built-in knife, and others hold mace to fend off attacks.

There are several everyday items you can use for dual purposes. To survive an attack or a SHTF event, survivalists must be resourceful and learn how to use everyday objects in new ways. Check out why this item is something you should start carrying with you if you don’t already carry one.

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