Biden VP Hopeful Pushes for Mandatory National Service

Biden VP Hopeful Pushes for Mandatory National Service

The United States military is the strongest in the world. It’s built upon voluntary service and encourages the average citizen to do more for the country they love. However, this former National Security Adviser (NSA) sees the trend of voluntary service differently.

Susan Rice, a potential pick as Joe Biden’s running mate, doubled down on her opinion of a mandatory national service program. The program would require all Americans to join the US military, within the civilian capacity that is.

She believes every person between the ages of 18 and 21 should serve at least six months to a year in the service. Rice firmly believes that serving in the military is important for Americans to understand different geographic, socioeconomic, and racial lines. Her family has some military history to tout, though Rice herself hasn’t served.

Of course, history doesn’t belong to her; it belongs to her relatives, like Rice’s great-grandfather who as a slave fought for the Union in the Civil War. Her grandfather who, in WWII, was part of the Tuskegee Airmen.

However, this seems to be more of an armchair philosophy take. Rice herself has never been in the US military, but she wants to force mandatory national service on all American citizens. How can she push service on the American people if she herself hasn’t served?

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