Biowarfare Experts Warn US To Prepare For Pandemic

Asha George, the executive director of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, said this weekend what many have feared. It is very possible that enemies of our country are harvesting the Coronavirus, weaponizing it for an attack. The United States must prepare for the possibility that tens of thousands of Americans may be impacted by the Coronavirus.

Even if the virus is not used against us as a weapon, the reality is current efforts to slow its spread are inefficient. The screenings taking place at airports are currently catching only one in four potential cases, making the entire exercise a theater display as opposed to something useful in protecting the country.

The United States has already issued executive orders giving troops the permissions they need to begin preparing. Should the virus spread rapidly, the entire country could very quickly find itself under military martial law.

Of course, establishment news networks aren’t reporting on these possibilities. Do what you must to prepare for this to become a reality. Stock your pantries and keep your immune systems as healthy as possible.

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