Brutal New Lockdown

The future of society is being seen in China right now. The country has launched an aggressive new Covid campaign to lockdown Shanghai, and it’s giving leaders abroad a blueprint on how they can control us.

With the latest restrictions, civil unrest is just about ready to break out in this city. Children are being separated from their parents inside quarantine camps while others struggle desperately for food, while urgent medical care is being denied to the severely ill.

The people of this city have been prohibited from going outside and exercising or walking their dogs, while those infected with COVID-19 are having their pets murdered by local authorities.

It’s a scary time to be alive, with the army deployed on our streets and people screaming from their windows. What could it all mean?
The military has been sent out into communities as anticipation builds that there will soon be food riots everywhere! An eerie video captures thousands of individuals on balconies as they scream in anger at this new mandate.

We’re just beginning to see the outlines of the repression that COVID has made possible, “Ya Right”! It’s not about COVID. Let’s stop pretending.
Get prepared, people; it’s coming our way!