CDC Issues New Home Care Guidelines

Since hospitals are likely to be flooded nationwide, it’s a relief to know that not every COVID-19 diagnosis results in inpatient care. Though every health provider insists that you seek emergency medical attention if you have trouble breathing, some cases of the coronavirus can — and probably should — be dealt with from home.

The CDC never insisted that everyone who has been exposed seek emergency medical attention, but they never really told us what else to do, should we become exposed or sick. Recently, they offered 10 tips to help you get well and protect your household, should you become infected with the virus.

It isn’t just the virus that’s putting a strain on our medical facilities, but other healthcare emergencies on top of the virus. Going straight to a doctor or hospital may put you and everyone else in even more danger.

We suggest you follow the guidelines presented by the CDC to reduce the strain on your own household and those around you.

Thank you to our friends at United Voice for contributing this piece.