China Caught in Another COVID Lie?

China Caught in Another COVID Lie?

China is a country of pride, so it’s no surprise they would try to preserve their image. Unfortunately, their pride has inflicted more harm upon the world than was necessary. Could there have been a turning point that, if taken, would have avoided so much suffering?

Satellite imagery shows a dramatic increase in traffic around hospitals in China last fall. Could this mean that the novel coronavirus had infected people, and begun to spread before it was first reported?

A Harvard Medical School study led by Dr. John Brownstein used techniques similar to that of intelligence agencies and analyzed the images. Dr. Brownstein stated there was a major increase in traffic around five hospitals in Wuhan, China during the late summer and early fall of 2019. This increase in hospital activity coincides with higher than normal internet searches of symptoms later found in COVID-19 patients.

John Hopkins University’s count of COVID-19 patients is just over seven million people, with more than 400,000 cases being fatal. China notified the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019 of the outbreak of a respiratory pathogen in Wuhan. Given that COVID-19 is a new virus, everything reported about it needs to be factual in order to understand both where it came from and how to stop it.

Had China been truthful, the COVID-19 outbreak may not have been nearly as severe. China should have acted sooner and reported the virus. This is leading many to wonder just how truthful China has been throughout this entire process.

The world is demanding answers. The more Chinese lies that are exposed, the harder it will be for other countries to trust China.

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