China Sets Its Aim on Americans

China Sets Its Aim on Americans

China and the United States have seen a rollercoaster of relations in the past few years. Now, those relations may have crumbled to a devastating new low. This could be a cause for global concern: two major powers battling it out over trade and other dealings, each getting closer to real threats of extreme measures. The outcome could affect us all.

Gordon Chang, a foreign affairs expert and author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” agrees with President Trump’s suggestion of decoupling the US economy from China’s. Chang added that the communist regime is “configuring its military to kill Americans.” On Bill Hemmer’s Report with Fox News, the expert brought up a good point that we shouldn’t be empowering and enriching a hostile regime with our investments.

He agreed that the best action to take would be to cut ties with China. Chang’s statement comes after the Pentagon issued a report that China is looking to double its nuclear capabilities within the next decade; this includes inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching the US.

Chang mentioned China’s President, Xi Jinping, has been more open about the opinion that China is mandated by heaven to rule the world. Xi has been talking more and more about this, and so have his officials. We may need to act quickly if we want to avoid catastrophe.

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