Chinese Propaganda Reveals True Intentions?

Chinese Propaganda Reveals True Intentions?

Among rising tensions between the United States and China, the Chinese air force released a video on September 19. Obviously, the footage is propaganda distributed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but what could it mean? Is China hinting at their intentions?

On September 19, a video appeared depicting a Chinese H-6K long-range bomber flying over rural China and out to the Pacific Ocean. Inspiring music plays in the background while the pilot pushes a button, sending a missile toward what the South China Morning Post said resembled a US Air Force base on the island of Guam. The two-minute video was released via the Chinese air force’s Weibo account.

Guam is well within the reach of China’s H-6K bombers’ 2,200-mile range, making it a potential target. Internet investigators, however, found that the video seemed to actually be a compilation of several Hollywood movie scenes.

The island depicted in the video was not identified by the Chinese air force. Nevertheless, Phil Davidson, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command, advocated for the protection of “billions of dollars in defense capability” via an Aegis Ashore missile defense system on Guam. His advocacy comes during China’s increasingly aggressive behavior toward the US.

Preppers should be concerned over China’s latest move; if war does break out, the situation could turn bad quickly. China is not backing off despite warnings from the US. They’re pushing their boundaries, and their actions could easily lead to conflict. China is just one of several threats to our society, so we need to be ready for anything.

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