Secret CIA Operations in Ukraine

When it comes to winning a ground war and holding back a military super power from invading your country, it takes great passion for freedom, great equipment, and it turns out nearly 8 years of CIA training could be helping too.

According to multiple news sources, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) established a top-notch training program for the Ukrainians fighting against Russian military advances in their country. This initiative started after Russia invaded eastern Ukraine in 2014 and began training Ukrainian special operations forces personnel in eastern Ukraine, beginning in 2015.

The CIA began to train Ukrainians on anti-tank and anti-aircraft combat, which included the use of Javelin anti-tank missiles supplied by Americans. The CIA also helped develop snipers and insurgency operations without being detected by Russian surveillance.

According to Yahoo News, a more extensive, US-based training program for Ukrainian special operations forces, also began in 2015 and continued for a number of years. Just days before the US had expected a Russian invasion, all CIA personnel were supposedly ordered to leave Ukraine to avoid getting captured by Russian forces.