Controversial movie hits #2 on Apple’s chart despite efforts to censor it

This new blockbuster movie ‘Alex’s War’ has moved into the top 2 on Apple’s preorder chart, beating Jurassic World, Elvis, and Justice League.

The film is set to be released in theaters later this month by the acclaimed director Alex Lee Moyer. The big question here is, “Who is Alex Jones”? Is he a wackjob or a patriotic hero?

Despite efforts to block the movie from hitting the big screen, the documentary has hit the charts and is sitting just behind the #1 movie, “Top Gun”.

Moyer, has returned with a new documentary movie about one of the most controversial men on the planet today.

The film will take you on a journey about Jone’s life from a radio host to a patriotic hero.

“Alex’s War” will not only give you an insight into his life but will, most importantly, show the story of the fracturing of the great American narrative from his own eyes.

The documentary shows how the most banned & demonized man in the world grew his empire to a level that even helped Donald Trump get elected in 2016.

Jones’s footage will take you from the 90”s where he exposed corrupt politicians in 2015 to help Trump, and then to Jan 6th.

“OK, let’s put me in prison for questioning, even though that’s my right,” states Jones in the documentary. “In fact let’s execute Alex Jones, let’s put me in front of a firing squad and pull the trigger.”

“I have a sick feeling actually, because I know what comes next,” he adds.

The movie will be showing in select theaters on July 29th and will be available for video download on the same date.

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