Coronavirus Precautions Taken Too Far?

Coronavirus Precautions Taken Too Far?

It seems that the COVID cabin fever has driven people crazy. Fining people who don’t wear a mask in public, threatening to send them to jail — these are extreme measures, but possibly not as crazy as this.

A state agency in Wisconsin is apparently mandating the use of masks during video calls. Hate to break it to them but that’s the wrong kind of viral! An email from Preston Cole, the Department of Natural Resources Secretary, reminded of the governor’s order that people were to wear a mask indoors. It was to take effect on August 1.

In the email, Cole said to wear a mask even during a virtual meeting or video chat, that involved being seen by people who were not DNR staff. He added it sets the safety standard, and shows people that you as a DNR employee care about public health.

The order, issued by Tony Evers, requires the citizens of Wisconsin to wear a face-covering when indoors with people not from within their household. The face coverings are also strongly recommended for people outside where social distancing is difficult to achieve. The order does include exemptions too, such as: eating, drinking, and swimming. Individuals who are disabled or have respiratory diseases are also exempt.

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