Could There Be Life Right Next Door?

Could There Be Life Right Next Door?

The term “right next door” is relative; it could be the house directly next to yours, the neighboring town or the planet next over. There are thousands upon thousands of planets in our universe, so surely there’s at least some form of intelligent life out there. What if that life were right next door?

While scientists believe this potential life, which they may have found on our neighboring planet, Venus, may not be “intelligent,” life is life. The possible microbes may be present due to an abundance of phosphine gas, which microbial life on Earth produces. Scientists are stumped over why the gas is being found in such large quantities, as there are no other geological or chemical explanations.

This brings the possibility of life living 30 miles in the atmosphere of Venus, where hazy yellow clouds can be found. Venus is a violent and uninhabitable world, or so experts thought. The surface on Venus will likely never see life as surface temperatures are high enough to melt lead, but in the sky, temperatures, pressure and acidity could be lower, although still unpleasant.

This could very well be the first discovery of life in our solar system outside the realms of Earth. How exciting is that? If microbes can live in the harsh environment of Venus, where else could they be thriving? Only time will tell as we explore further and further into space.

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