Deadly Chinese Border Conflict Erupts

Deadly Chinese Border Conflict Erupts

The multiple stressful events this year have exposed nerves to the open air in people all across the globe. The COVID pandemic, lockdowns, protests and riots are taking a toll on everyone — including world governments The US is seeing rising tensions with North Korea and China. China, in turn, is seeing rising tensions with Australia and India as well. Unfortunately, the relations between China and India have become deadly.

An Indian patrol entered a narrow passage in the disputed Ladakh area of Kashmir, confronting Chinese forces — leading to a large-scale brawl between the two. The initial confrontation led to an Indian commanding officer being pushed off the edge into a gorge.

Fighting broke out between the two forces, with hundreds of troops being called in. Both sides fought with sticks, clubs, and rocks, with many falling to their death. India has confirmed 20 casualties, with three deaths during the altercation. India has since issued a statement saying the other 17 died due to injuries.

Beijing hasn’t confirmed any casualties from the conflict, but accuses Indian troops of crossing the border and provoking Chinese troops. Tensions have been on the rise between the two countries since late April, when China sent thousands of troops to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) — including artillery and military vehicles. According to analysts, China is looking to be more aggressive with building infrastructure in the area.

Both China and India are nuclear powers. Should a full-scale war break out between them, it would likely only be a matter of time before the United States is pulled into the conflict as well.

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