Dems Investigate Meddling of CDC Reports

Dems Investigate Meddling of CDC Reports

Democrats are always quick to investigate something they think might bring down President Trump. Honestly, it’s a very sad truth. The Left has announced that they’re launching a probe into what they claim is political interference against the CDC’s publication of scientific data on COVID-19.

Politico’s reporting was cited by Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.), who is leading the Democrats of the House Oversight and Reform Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. The report shows that Trump’s appointees have again and again interfered with COVID-19 reports from the CDC.

The Democratic lawmakers have stated that they are looking into the extent of interference of the CDC’s reporting and other measures taken to fight the pandemic. They’re also looking to see whether the interference is continuing and talking about any steps they believe Congress may have to take to end it before more Americans die.

The report cited by House Democrats shows that appointees within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including Michael Caputo, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, and senior adviser Paul Alexander, have been deliberately suppressing and altering reports. The claim is that both Caputo and Alexander were altering these reports, so they fit better with President Trump’s narrative.

The lawmakers are looking to have transcribed interviews with CDC and HHS officials, a rarely used move. Lawmakers wish to conduct interviews with CDC Deputy Director Anne Schucha, Acting CDC Chief of Staff Nina Witkofsky and Acting CDC Deputy Chief of Staff Trey Moeller. They’re also seeking statements from Kate Galatasacting, the acting CDC communications director, and Charlotte Kent, MMWR editor-in-chief. The Democratic lawmakers are hoping to begin interviews on September 22 and are also looking forward to speaking with Caputo and Alexander.

One should wonder if Democrats actually care about the allegations they’re putting up on the Trump administration. Or maybe there’s an ulterior motive, say maybe an attempt to sway the election in their favor? Because let’s be fair: Democrats don’t seem to care about something unless they can use it to their advantage.

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