Dems Say “Get Your Free Abortion Voucher”

With the overturning of Roe vs Wade, It will now bring America into line with much of the rest of the world on abortion laws.

Now with the new ruling, the Dems want to create slush funds of tax dollars to pay for women to travel to federal owned land of National Parks where there will be abortion tents erected for procedures. 

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren told a Washington Post reporter that she envisions the Biden administration erecting pop up abortions tents in national parks.

Just imagine you & your family are on vacation visiting different national parks across the nation. You park your car, gather the family and proceed on your hike to the different interest points. As you crest the hill you see over in the distance tents set up where they are performing abortions. WTF?

Warren also tossed around the idea in an appearance on ABC’s This Week Sunday: 

Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, who supports ‘at birth’ abortions, also told CNN about using federal land for abortions is very much on the table:

Becerra went on to say he is “looking at” using taxpayer dollars to fund transportation to other states for abortions. When asked if that would be legal, he just laughed and said “Talk to me later…I would tell you if, uh—you’re recording so I won’t tell you.”

The White House is planning on ignoring and bypassing State laws with the intent on erecting abortion clinics on federal land.

VP Kamala Harris confirmed also about the clinics being a reality, with potential abortion vouchers being provided to anyone requesting an out-of-state abortion:

Democrat New York AG Letitia James wants to established a fund…to pay for individuals traveling to New York to seek abortions.”

In St. Louis, Democrats want to use taxpayer-funded COVID relief money to fund access to abortions:

Nancy Pelosi is calling the Supreme Court an “extremist” institution:

To sum it up, It appears Democrats have no intention of following the Supreme Court ruling which is no big surprise.