Did China Admit to COVID Cover-Up?

Did China Just Admit to COVID Cover-Up?

The investigation into China continues to expand as there is an ever-growing international coalition demanding to know why the country dealt with COVID-19 so poorly. At face value, China claims its actions were for safety purposes. However, does China have something to hide?

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, has consistently stated that China was not giving other countries samples of the coronavirus taken from the very first cases in the country. In fact, Pompeo has gone so far as to accuse China of destroying samples to prevent the world from having access to them.

Now, China is admitting they did, in fact, destroy the samples — as Pompeo accused them of doing. This is increasing already high suspicions regarding the country’s role in the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Liu Dengfeng, an official of China’s National Health Commission’s science and education department, stated that the US’s remarks regarding China destroying the samples were intended to confuse, and were out of context. Dengfeng also stated the destruction of lab samples was done for biological safety and to prevent a secondary disaster.

When Pompeo’s remarks are actually read, it’s clear to see that there was no indication or signs of deception. He stated that the Chinese government knew about the health crisis and that it could have stopped all the suffering caused by COVID-19. On January 3rd, 2020 the Chinese government ordered the destruction of their lab samples — which coincidentally is the same day President Trump first made contact with China regarding the virus.

China could have prevented many of the deaths that have occurred including a potential global economic depression. China’s recent confession raises a question: what else could it be hiding? Countries will see China’s deception and act accordingly as many already call for an investigation.

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