“Eat the Rich” Protests Find New Target

While riots have seemingly slowed down, protesters are still taking to the streets. Many demonstrations have called for the abolishment of police and have gone as far as to call for the abolishment of capitalism as well. A protest in Washington DC set its sights on someone new, though it’s not his first time being targeted by the mob.

Activists in DC set up a guillotine outside of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s house. In their anti-capitalist and abolish Amazon movement, protesters brought along a guillotine with a sign that readSupport our poor communities not our wealthy men.” 

A group called Abolish The Present Reconstruct Our Future claims Amazon and police work together stoking racist fears and tensions all to turn a profit. It also claims that Amazon has doubled down on their mistreatment of workers and union-busting. As a result, it advocates the abolishment of police, prisons, and Amazon, as well as putting an end to abuse and profiteering.

Other protests over the weekend were seen in Beverly Hills and St. Louis. Activists took to a gated community of St. Louis they were met by armed residents.

The Beverly Hills protest also took place in a residential area, where activists could be heard shouting “Eat the rich!” and “Abolish capitalism now!” Beverly Hills police did eventually show up, and the demonstration ended with arrests.

The riots may have calmed down, but the protests are still going strong and intensifying their messages.

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