Epstein Investigator GONE – Without Warning!

This is a giant smoking gun. Something very shady is going on.

Just one day after the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands exposed JPMorgan Chase bank as one of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators in his crimes against minors, she was suddenly fired without warning. It looks like the elites are trying to shut down the investigation into Epstein’s helpers.

JP Morgan Chase Linked To Epstein’s Crimes?

Just a few days ago, Attorney General Denis George of the U.S. Virgin Islands declared that she was filing a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for being complicit in helping Jeffrey Epstein target little girls.

George suggested that the bank “turned a blind eye” to Epstein “because of the deals and clients that Epstein brought and promised to bring to the bank.”

Not only that, but the Attorney General was requesting over $100,000,000 in payments to the alleged victims.

Investigator Gone

Apparently, Denise George went too far for the elites in power. Within days of her important lawsuit regarding Jeffrey Epstein, she was fired.

With no public reason given, Denise George was forcibly removed from her post and quietly pushed out of her role as an investigator into Epstein’s horrific crimes.

At this point, nobody knows why she was fired. But the deafening silence from the politicians in power suggests that something very dark is going on behind the scenes.

Epstein’s helpers will continue to get away with what they did because they have the power and money to take down anyone who challenges them.