EU Opens Borders, Singles Out US

EU Opens Borders, Singles Out US

The European Union (EU) has decided to reopen its borders on Wednesday. Not all are welcome, however, as the EU is still concerned about COVID-19. You may be surprised who makes the list and who doesn’t.

The list composed by the EU’s 27 members was announced by the Council of the European Union on Tuesday, June 30. The US didn’t make the list, as it didn’t meet the criteria concerning the coronavirus.

The US has the most coronavirus cases and the most COVID-19-related deaths in the world. While the EU’s list is relatively short with just 15 countries being allowed entry, America sticks out like a sore thumb.

Despite China having a new flu that has “pandemic potential” and being ground zero for COVID-19, it’s being granted entry into the EU. China must also reciprocate and allow EU travelers to enter first, however. Countries not on the EU’s list travel restrictions are still in place. The list will be reviewed and updated every two weeks depending on the coronavirus situation of each nation.

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