Extreme Survival: Stuck in a Sunken Boat

Extreme Survival: Stuck in a Sunken Boat

There are an endless number of situations one could find themselves in that could be classified as “extreme survival.” Very few of them would be as potentially terrifying as being trapped inside a sunken boat, though. Complete darkness, diminishing pockets of air, freezing water — not to mention the potential for extreme claustrophobia. Not a good place to be.

There is some good news though; people have survived this exact scenario before. It isn’t impossible. With the proper know-how and the will to survive, this could end up as a story to tell friends and family. The YouTube channel, How To Survive, has provided a guide on the steps required to survive in a sunken boat.

No one wants to find themselves stranded under the waves. But, should you ever find yourself facing this kind of emergency, knowledge can be the difference between living to see another day or a watery grave. Stay calm, follow the rules outlined in the video, and stay alive.

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