Facebook Insider Reveals Shocking Censorship

Facebook Insider Reveals Shocking Censorship

Facebook claims to be different from Twitter in the way they handle content, stating they show no bias when moderating content. An insider’s investigation proves otherwise.

Facebook insider, Zach McElroy, is exposing several Facebook moderators and their “non-bias” actions. With hidden cameras, McElroy recorded several facebook moderators bragging about deleting conservative posts. A stark contrast to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill testimony. Zuckerberg alleges that Facebook only deletes content that could cause harm; such as posts with relations to terrorism or hate speech.

McElroy has uncovered the truth of what really goes on during the moderation process — many of the moderators are against the President and the Republican Party as a whole.

Lara Kontakos, a Facebook moderator, was recorded stating that if she sees someone wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, she will delete them for terrorism. Adding she thinks that all moderators do that. Seemingly confirming Kontakos stance, another moderator stated she deletes every conservative idea or post she reviews — adding that she leaves anti-Trump posts up. Even if they need to be taken down. “It’s a very progressive company, who’s very anti-MAGA,” as stated by Steve Grimmet, a content review lead.

This evidence shows Facebook’s moderators are censoring the free speech of conservative voices, and arguably attempting to influence the upcoming presidential election. By editing the content on its platform in this way, these same moderators are threatening Facebook’s protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Once again the left is showing they only value free speech if it falls in line with their views. Anything outside of it they want to be erased from history.

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