FBI Agent CONFESSES – Evidence Was Destroyed!

The FBI’s legitimacy has once again been called into question.

According to The Epoch Times, a former FBI agent has just confessed to DESTROYING federal evidence while investigating a Republican state lawmaker. Even worse, the former FBI agent is requesting a small slap on the wrist for what happened.

FBI Agent Confesses! While investigating an Arkansas State Senator for charges of corruption, former FBI Agent Robert Cessario pleaded guilty to erasing the contents of his government computer hard drive.

It looks like he did the act intentionally. While his decision to destroy the evidence comes is completely confirmed, the exact reason he chose to destroy federal evidence can’t be proven.

The Arkansas Senator being investigated was Republican Arkansas State Sen. Jon Woods.

Cessario was one of the agents who investigated the Woods, who was recently sentenced to 18 years in federal prison in 2018.

The worst part about this whole scandal is how Cessario is reacting to his situation.

He is merely asking to be placed on probation despite allegedly destroying federal evidence intentionally. If he gets away with this, it means that federal agents aren’t being held accountable for literally hiding corruption and destroying the evidence America’s justice system relies on.

The fact that you aren’t hearing the mainstream media talk about this tells you all you need to know.