FBI Warning “Grow your own food – Go to Jail”

Amish farms are now the target on the FBI’s list to bust. Amos Miller, an Amish farmer, now faces $300,000 in fines.

Miller has a members-only food club where he sells his products. His customer base is around 4,000 people who purchase his non-USDA- approved eggs, meat, and dairy products. Miller feels he should have the religious freedom to grow food the way God has intended.

Miller feels that today’s government-grown food is less safe with all the preservatives & hormones they require these days. “If you put too many preservatives on the food, the body can’t break it down where you get the health benefits of it,” Miller said. “That’s why all these illnesses are coming out.”

Last spring, the courts ruled that Miller must stop all sales and sent U.S. marshals to take inventory of his products and search his property every few months to ensure he hasn’t slaughtered or sold more animals.

The Amish farmer was ordered to pay a $250,000 fine for “contempt
of court” and the salaries of the USDA investigators assigned to his case. This amount totals over $300,000, and they want him jailed if he fails to pay.

“The United States submits that Mr. Miller’s continuing recalcitrance and flouting of the court’s orders requires a robust, more-coercive civil contempt sanction than previously imposed,” wrote government attorneys. “Specifically… the court should order him to be incarcerated until he has paid these sums that are long overdue.”

Tucker Carlson discussed Amos Miller and his farming practices being stopped by the feds on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ criticizing the government’s handling of the case. Carlson brought on Jeremy Loffredo to discuss the implications and the hidden agenda behind these government actions.

“You have this back and forth between the giant empire of the U.S. federal government and this tiny little farm in Bird-in-Hand Pennsylvania,” explained Loffredo.

“They’re coming after Amos to set an example,” he added. “They’re coming after an independent, successful farmer who takes out the government middlemen and provides food directly to his community and his people.”

“By taking out the government, you’re taking power away and taking leverage away from the government, and putting that power and leverage in the hands of the community and the farmers and the people,” Loffredo continued. “Amos’ farm doesn’t use any gasoline or any fertilizer. Now, as you know, these commodities have become very expensive because of Biden’s policies in regards to the war in Ukraine and Russia. So, Amos has completely eliminated any risk coming from the international or domestic politics of the Biden administration and they’re coming after him for it.”