Fox News Made Him DELETE THIS – He Thought Nobody Would Notice

Adam Kinzinger isn’t a real Republican. This latest event is the proof in the pudding!

According to a new report by Mediaite, after Fox News EXPOSED the former Congressman selling signed copies of January 6th reports, he quickly deleted the listings trying to hide the fact that he’s profiting off of the witch hunt against Donald Trump.

What Kinzinger Was Selling? Adam Kinzinger, who recently left Congress after voting to IMPEACH Donald Trump, is trying to cash in on his connection to the witch hunt January 6th committee led by Nancy Pelosi.

Adam Kinzinger was selling $100 signed copies of the final report from the congressional committee that was targeting Donald Trump over the protest that occurred on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol.

Kinzinger Deleted The Listings Needless to say, this is awful.

Kinzinger was literally selling memorabilia honoring a witch hunt targeting Donald Trump. He’s doing all of this while pretending to be a Republican!

Fox News called out Kinzinger for this shameful behavior. That’s when all of his “for sale” listings suddenly disappeared from the internet… for a while.

They’re Back! After quietly deleting his listings, Kinzinger has put the listings back online, and this time he claimed that what he was doing was somehow to “benefit charitable organizations”.

As of right now, you can still purchase one of his $100 signed copies of the committee investigation. The reason they’re still for sale is because Adam Kinzinger has no shame.