Fuel Thieves Step It Up! OMG

With another record high for gas and diesel prices and more on the way, fuel thieves are stepping up their game.

Law enforcement officials in nearly every state report that stolen fuel is becoming more and more frequent with a new destructive method commonly being used. While it’s challenging to siphon gas out of newer cars, thieves are now carrying cordless drills and simply puncturing a hole in the cheap plastic or fiberglass fuel tanks in common modern cars. That poses a number of problems for victims of fuel theft.

For one thing, it’s dangerous to drive around with a hole in your fuel tank and it might even go unnoticed for some time. If the thieves puncture the tank in the bottom 1/3, the tank will still hold some fuel and be drivable. But soon as you try to fill it you, you’ll begin smelling fuel and be leaving a very expensive puddle or trail under your car.

– Pay attention to your gauge
– Pay attention to odd fuel smells around your car
– Park in garage or well lit areas if you can.

The only confident fix is to file an insurance claim and replace the tank. If it’s not covered and it’s an economic impossibility to replace the tank, there are a number of folks on Youtube discussing ways they’ve repaired their plastic and metal tanks with 2-part epoxy and other types of plugs. Any effort to fix could be risky so do your own research on that.

Another way thieves are stealing gas is by cleverly switching the pump nozzles from the opposite pump, as seen in the video below.

With prices constantly on the rise, we will see a lot more theft of gasoline and diesel. So be aware and park in the garage or well-light areas and install a locking gas cap if you don’t have one.

Good luck!