Government Leader DEAD – His Body Parts Were Not His Own!

Communist China is falling under the weight of its own tyranny!

According to a new report by The Epoch Times, a high-profile Chinese official has just passed away. And his obituary is causing people to realize that FORCED organ harvesting is a worse issue in China than anyone could have imagined.

Top Official’s Organs Were Not His Own

Chinese Deputy Cultural Minister Gao Zhanxiang has recently passed away.

The scary part is his obituary, which reveals that many of his body parts didn’t actually belong to him!

The 87-year-old had stated that he had “replaced many organs in his body” as he “fought with illness” to the point where many Chinese officials in his inner circle joked that “many components are not his own anymore.”

Where Did These “Parts” Come From?

It’s pretty much an open secret that China has an organ harvesting problem.

Reports suggest that China has seen a boom in the organ transplant industry over the past few decades. In fact, the Communist regime claims that since 2015, it uses only organs donated by donors.

But needless to say, the numbers they report look very suspicious. In fact, investigators working with the London-based tribunal have found that the regime is killing prisoners to use their organs.

It’s a safe bet that these “organ donors” were probably forced to donate their bodies in furtherance of China’s Communist agenda.