Governor Removing Pornographic Books From Florida Schools

According to Summit News, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is finally CRACKING DOWN on the scourge of child pornographic content being smuggled into schools. He’s making sure that children aren’t falling prey to the sick “woke” culture that is robbing today’s children of their innocence.

Ron DeSantis Takes Action. Children today are being offered filth in school libraries disguised as LGBTQ literature.

One book, for instance, called “This Book is Gay” describes illicit acts that children can engage in. It’s purposely targeted to children in their “tweens and teens”.

See for yourself:

Another book, called “Gender Queer” shows graphic photos of young children engaging in perverted acts: As a result, Ron DeSantis is finally fulfilling his promise to take preventative measures.

It was almost a year ago when DeSantis signed the “Parental Rights in Education Act” that allows state officials to remove this illicit material form school libraries. And now, officials are taking these disgusting books and removing them from school libraries. Hopefully permanently.

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