Heat… Under 10¢ an Hour

Heat... Under 10¢ an Hour

Most of us need to heat our homes during the colder months. Even in the hot desert, you can experience hypothermia at night as temperatures plummet. While most people have heating systems in place to combat the cold, winter storms can knock out power and leave you in a freezing predicament. With a little ingenuity, this homemade heater may be just enough to get you by.

Made from flower pots, nuts, washers, a length of chain and a threaded rod, these little creations can help you stay warm when there’s no power. The construction is easy, as seen in the video above, and the cost is anything but high. With different configurations, one feature changes how these work: the holes in the bottom of the pots, or lack thereof.

The version with holes allows heat to escape the flower pot, allowing the room to fill up with warm air; this configuration is better if you’re trying to heat a room. The version without holes, however, doesn’t allow heat to escape and instead the pots become warm, giving off radiant heat. It’s a configuration that’s better for sitting directly next to.

Be warned that, if not properly built or supervised, this type of makeshift heater can potentially cause a house fire. We urge anyone who wishes to utilize this design to be careful.

Check out the effects of hypothermia on the human body, both to know what it is and how to best avoid it. Also, be sure to check another alternative way of heating your home or shelter.

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