Is a Secret War Waging in Iran?

Is a Secret War Waging in Iran?

Iran has been rocked by a suspicious series of explosions and fires in recent weeks. The Iranian government claims to know the cause of some of the incidents, but has not released all the details.

They claim they can’t release any information due to “security concerns”. Is there more to what’s happening than just really bad luck? Are foreign governments secretly attacking key Iranian sites? Maybe it’s an inside job, could there be a resistance force seeking a revolution? Truth is there’s no telling at this point, but Iran has suffered some crushing blows.

Last Week of June

In the last week of June, Iran had seen several incidents regarding fires and explosions. Friday, June 26, there were reports of an explosion at a gas facility in Tehran. Local media reported that the explosion happened in a public area in Parchin, not at the military facility nearby. June 30, just days after the gas explosion in Parchin another explosion occurred at a medical facility in Tehran; at least 17 people were killed.

Rough Start to July

July didn’t bring any relief for Iran. Just two days after the explosion that killed at least 17 people, a fire broke out at the Natanz nuclear facility. The blaze damaged a new factory that was built within the facility; its purpose was to mass-produce centrifuges.

The trend continued with a chlorine leak at a petrochemical company, a fire occurred the same day at a power plant, located in Ahvaz of southwestern Iran.

An explosion at a separate factory last week resulted in the death of at least two people, and the injury of three others. The district governor told Radio Liberty that the explosion was caused by carelessness while filling oxygen tanks.

Continuing the Trend

Recently an oil leak caused a fire to break out at a facility belonging to the Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company. The fire was quickly contained, no injuries or casualties were reported. There was no financial damage reported either according to a statement by Mahshahr county governor Mohsen Beyranvand.

In another recent incident, an explosion was reported in the Kavian Fariman industrial zone, at a gas condensate plant. Beginning with a fire in eight gas tanks located at the plant, eventually leading to an explosion. Firefighters acted quickly and prevented the fire from causing additional explosions, according to a report by the Iranian Labour News Agency.

In the most recent incident, seven Iranian ships were victims of a fire. Starting on three ships, it then spread to seven. Firefighters quickly got the blaze under control, preventing the fire from spreading further. No casualties have been reported. The types of ships involved have not yet been identified.

The sheer number of incidents seems to be far beyond the likelihood of simple coincidences. Iran doesn’t seem to think they are all accidents either, and has accused the United States and Israel of orchestrating acts of espionage against them. If this is true, and a secret conflict is playing out on Iranian soil, how long will it be until it escalates into full-scale war?

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