Is Martial Law The Future For The United States?

COVID-19 has begun to spread more rapidly across the United States. Municipalities are warning schools and businesses to prepare in advance for closures and quarantines. Meanwhile, NY Gov. Cuomo and Washington Gov. Inslee are both recognizing the need for strong action.

Gov. Cuomo has already activated the National Guard, instructing them to outline a containment zone to keep an already-infected community under quarantine. The situation in Washington state is already looking grim, with Gov. Inslee acknowledging the potential for up to 64,000 new infections if they don’t get the problem under control by May.

The “mathematics of exponential spread,” as laid out by Natural News, don’t lie. Coronavirus has the potential to double every five to eight days. The longer we wait to slow the spread, the faster the rate of infections will multiply.

Keep your eyes peeled. We predict strict quarantines coming to a city near you very soon.

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