John Fetterman BRAIN FREEZE – This Is Dangerous

According to new video footage obtained by The Gateway Pundit, Senator John Fetterman still CANNOT speak correctly on his own after his recent stroke. In fact, recent video footage raises concerns as the Democrat Senator continues to vote on important issues facing this country. Is he really someone we want guiding decisions on national policy?

John Fetterman’s Brain Machine! In what was a consequential issue for his Senate campaign in Pennsylvania, Fetterman had a mysterious stroke that took away his ability to speak while he was campaigning against Dr. Oz for the United States Senate.

As a result of this sudden illness, John Fetterman started using a special “brain machine” that allows him to communicate with people.

Scientific American reports that Fetterman’s condition is essentially brain “blockage” that causes brain cells to be “starved” of what it needs to function correctly.

But the worst part is that Fetterman is still reliant on these machines. And he apparently is struggling to speak at all.

“Clean, Safe… Clean Drinking Werk”. This week Senator John Fetterman was asked to make comments about clean drinking water. That’s when he showed us how reliant he is on other people to help him be understood.

At one point, Fetterman even referred to “clean drinking water” as “clean drinking werk”.