Kidnapped Mother OUTSMARTS Captor In an Incredibly Brave Way!

Las Vegas man Justin Junius is being accused of trying to stab his ex-girlfriend and then kidnapping her and her three children. Police are saying the man had driven the family to Mesquite, and that’s when the frightened mother had a chance to call out for help.

Last Sunday, just after midnight, the woman called 911 from inside the car, creating an open line between her and the dispatcher. The kidnapped mother spoke in a specific way that would bring awareness to the dispatcher of what was happening without talking to them directly.

However, at least one report claimed Police said she did speak directly to the dispatcher at one point. As a result, the 911 dispatcher was able to relay to the Police to identify the victims’ location, get the vehicle stopped, and save the family.

The Mesquite Police Department said the trained 911 dispatcher knew exactly what to do, which led the Officers to the vehicle and arrested Carter on the spot for multiple charges, including but not limited to kidnapping, violating a restraining order, domestic battery using a weapon, and attempted murder.

According to news sources, Mesquite Police Chief MaQuade Chesley applauded the mother and her children for calmly handling the ordeal and contacting law enforcement for assistance. The chief also thanked local Police for responding so quickly to a situation that could have easily turned into something much worse for the mother and her children.

Report’s say this isn’t the first time Carter has been in trouble with the law. In 2012, he was sentenced to probation on charges involving a deadly weapon.