Legendary Sniper Joins Ukraine Resistance

In a recent interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp, “Wali,” who only gave his nickname, said, “I want to help them.” It’s as simple as that. I have to help because people are being bombarded just because they want to be European and not Russian.”

Once a member of the elite Royal 22e Regiment of Canada said, “it is a surreal experience.” Those words are coming from someone who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention joining Kurdish fighters several years ago to help battle ISIS.

Once Wali entered Ukrainian, they greeted him with open arms as he came to join the fight. “They were so happy to have us,” Wali said. “It’s like we were friends right away.

Although the Canadian will miss his son’s first birthday, the CBC said it spoke to half a dozen other Canadians who were also joining the fight and will help each other with moral support for their lives back home.