Long Amazon Shipping Delays Coming? Here’s Why…

The supply of diesel fuel in the US is plunging. Unless something changes dramatically in the next month, diesel fuel will go into extreme scarcity and have to be rationed across America.

Diesel fuel is used by nearly all trains, transport trucks, construction equipment, farming equipment, delivery trucks & more. This shortage in diesel availability will sharply affect all the following:
– Food avalibability
– Fertilizers for growing food
– Coal for powering the electrical grid
– Construction projects
– Transportation of consumer goods to retail stores
– UPS, Fedex, USPS and other package carriers

Unfortunately most of us fail to realize how important diesel fuel is to the economy, but we’re about to learn hard way. Without diesel fuel, our economy can’t function.
Without diesel, the trains can’t deliver fertilizer to farmers. Food crops don’t get planted which create insufficient harvests to feed the world. All construction projects stop, roads and bridges are no longer repaired. The highway infrastructure collapses, and the US ceases to function.

So the big question here is, what do we do?

Start getting prepared and stock up now before we are unable to receive packages from Amazon, fuel from gas stations, food & water from stores.