Look What’s Pointed Directly At Earth!

Although we don’t normally write about space events, I think everyone should be aware of what’s happening and what might come next.

Scientists say solar activity on the sun shows a new trend that could be potentially hazardous for us earthlings. According to Newsweek, a giant solar storm is pointed directly toward planet earth.

Here Comes The Sun! In the last week alone, scientists have discovered that the sun is acting unusually unstable.

Rare “magnetic fields” are forming that may result in potentially dangerous solar flares being fired directly at our planet.

Here’s the worst part.

These potential solar flares, if they hit the earth, could result in something called “x-class” solar flares. This is just a classification for a very powerful solar flare that has the potential to whip out internet connections and power line repeaters.

NASA confirmed this rare event is happening on the sun, writing:

“The Sun emitted a strong solar flare on Jan 5, 2023, peaking at 7:57 p.m. ET. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of the event, which was classified as X-class.”

The Worst Is Yet To Come. In case you didn’t know, the sun goes through an 11-year cycle of activity.

This cycle is called a Solar Cycle and the current solar cycle is called Solar Cycle 25, which began in December 2019.

It’s expected that these solar flare events could escalate in 2025, which is the peak of such