Study Reveals The Most Dangerous States to Live In


( – Regardless of where a person decides to call home, there will always be some kind of danger. However, a study from Outforia has revealed that some places are more dangerous than others — at least when it comes to the local wildlife.

The study examined CDC data regarding human fatalities due to animal attacks over the past 20 years. This information was then used to determine which states had the most fatalities, and which animals were responsible for the deaths.

Top 10 Most Dangerous States

  1. Texas – The Lone Star State leads the pack with 520 deaths attributed to animal attacks over the span of 20 years.
  2. California – The Golden State came in second, with 299 fatalities.
  3. Florida – Coming in third place is the Sunshine State, clocking in at 247 deaths.
  4. North Carolina – 180
  5. Tennessee – 170
  6. Georgia – 161
  7. Ohio – 161
  8. Pennsylvania – 148
  9. Michigan – 138
  10. New York – 124

The Least Dangerous States

According to the study, the states where one is least likely to be attacked by an animal include Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island. None of these three states had any fatal animal attacks on record. New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Hawaii, Maine, South Dakota, and (surprisingly) Alaska were also among the states with the lowest numbers of fatalities recorded.

The Most Lethal Species

Included in the study is a list of the eight most dangerous wild animals in North America, and the number of deaths attributed to them since 1970:

  1. Brown BearTopping the list of predators is the brown bear, and with good reason. They have reportedly killed at least 70 people since 1970. Brown bears are large, heavy animals with massive claws and a bite capable of crushing bones. To make matters worse, brown bears are extremely territorial and are known to hunt humans for food.
  2. Sharks – According to the study, sharks have claimed the lives of 57 people over the last 50 years. Humans are already at a disadvantage when swimming, and often sharks strike with little to no warning.
  3. Snakes – Tied for second place, snakes have also killed 57 people during the time period covered in the study. The majority of the deaths are attributed to rattlesnakes, though cottonmouth and copperhead are also listed.
  4. Black Bears – 54
  5. Alligator – 33
  6. Cougar – 16
  7. Polar Bear – 10
  8. Wolves – 2

The results from this study are eye-opening for sure, but even in the states listed as the safest, it is still a good idea to practice precautions and follow the advice of local wildlife experts. Just because an attack hasn’t occurred in a specific area doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Also, remember wild animals aren’t the only threat out there; even a domestic dog can kill a person, as we covered in an article here.

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