How to Avoid Blindly Stepping Into Danger


DANGEROUS Mistakes People Make Every Day… Without Knowing It!

( – Spend any amount of time among survivalists or preppers, and the topic of situational awareness is bound to come up, likely sooner rather than later. These groups know that situational awareness (SA), sometimes called situation awareness, is one of the most important skills a person can develop if they want to stay safe from harm.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term or are just starting out in the preparedness lifestyle, it can be difficult to understand what exactly situational awareness really means.

What is Situational Awareness?

Stop and take a look around a public place sometime; most people are oblivious to what is going on around them. Their faces are glued to the screens of cellphones, or their eyes are glossed over as they’re lost in thought going about their day. This is precisely what SA is not.

Situational awareness is being actively aware and mindful of the environment, both the physical landscape and the people (and sometimes animals) found there. It is paying close attention to everything as it transpires around oneself, which in turn allows a person to see danger coming before it arrives.

Why Does Situational Awareness Help?

In short, seeing danger coming and being able to avoid it is better than having to react to danger when it strikes without warning. Being alert while driving, for instance, allows a person to see a car running a red light before it’s too late, giving the driver precious time to take action and avoid a collision.

Another example is being aware of the environment while out for a stroll. Rather than being distracted by random thoughts, a mindful person will see a hole in the ground and avoid a sprained ankle. These are basic, everyday situations that could be avoided by developing situational awareness.

For more advanced ways that SA is capable of helping a person avoid danger, check out the following video in which retired Navy Seal Clint Emerson explains situational awareness in more depth, and gives a few tips on how to develop it:

Clint’s military background and experience give him rather unique insights into many survival topics, not just situational awareness. To see his tips on how to handle a home invasion, check out our article here.

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