How to Defend Against a Dog Attack


When Bark Turns to BITE – How to Survive a Vicious Dog Attack!

( – Dog attacks are far more common than many people realize. In fact, according to, roughly 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Should you come face to snout with a vicious dog, do you know how to defend yourself?

In the following video, former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how to defend against a dog attack:

The first step is to guard the body. Provide a target for the dog to attack, such as a purse, jacket, coat or backpack.

If possible, wrap your arm with a shirt to provide a layer of protection should the animal lose interest in the target and decide to attack. Keep the inside of the forearm away from the dog at all times, as this is where the major arteries are located.

Punch the dog on the nose. A dog’s nose is a big target with multiple nerve endings. When struck hard enough, the canine may lose interest in attacking and retreat. Other targets include behind the limbs and in the ribcage.

If the dog breaks the skin, seek medical attention. There is no way to tell whether a dog has rabies, and even a minor bite could become a serious medical emergency.

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