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Prepper Food: Canned vs Dry

Prepper Food: Canned vs Dry

(Modern – Food is one of the most basic yet important staples to consider when prepping. You need to know how to store it properly; otherwise, you’re going to be left with inedible food. There are pros and cons to certain storage choices, and shelf life is a big factor.

We can all agree that canned food is good to stock up on for shorter periods of time. The biggest issues with stocking up on canned foods is their shelf life and the amount of space they need. They can last a long time without being used, but they do eventually need to be replaced; not everyone has the room to spread out and check to make sure all the cans are still good. These are a great option for short- to mid-term stockpiles, but lose reliability for long-term ones.

Dry foods such as “Meals, Ready-to-Eat” (MREs), dehydrated foods and freeze-dried foods all have much longer shelf lives. This gives dry foods an advantage when it comes to prepping long term. Rice is also part of the dry foods category. There are a number of ways to prepare and eat it, which allows you to have a variety of dishes rather than eat Chef Boyardee ravioli for a month straight. Dry foods are also easier to store and use less space, meaning you can stock up more efficiently.

While it’s true that food is food when you’re starving, you don’t need to be getting sick. Dry foods offer a longer shelf life than canned foods, and they need less space both to store and keep up to date. Some canned foods can last a couple of years, but most dry foods can last between 5 and 20 years.

Canned foods are great when you don’t need a long-term food supply — dry foods provide you with food for years. Each has their perks and downfalls; it just depends on what you need.

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