Safety Tips for Hunting Season


6 IMPORTANT Safety Tips for the Upcoming Season!

( – Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It also provides a path to self-reliance by putting food on the table. While hunting is a popular sport, there are a great many dangers that go hand-in-hand with the activity. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know some basic safety tips before grabbing a rifle and hiking into the woods.

Double-Check Gear

Safety begins before leaving home, not to mention stepping out into the field. This includes cleaning rifles, checking emergency kits, etc. It’s far better to find an item missing from one’s gear at home, rather than when it is needed in the woods.

Share Essential Information

Before heading out for a big hunt, it’s important to let a few friends and family know where one is going to be. Provide an expected return date and time as well, so they can contact authorities should one fail to return on time. Out in the field, having two-way radios or other forms of communication is also essential. It’s easy to get lost in the wild, and being able to communicate is a quick way to get help.

Wear Protective Gear

Proper protective gear is a must for a safe hunting trip. This includes eye and ear protection on top of the blaze orange vests designed to prevent accidental shootings. If using a tree stand, using a safety belt is advisable to avoid a potential fall. Additionally, make sure to dress appropriately for the climate and be prepared for the weather to suddenly take a turn for the worse.

Leave the Booze at Home

This should go without saying, but alcohol and firearms do not mix. Not only does intoxication increase the odds of an accidental discharge of a firearm, it also increases one’s susceptibility to hypothermia.

Know the Signs of Heart Attacks

This may seem like a strange safety tip for a hunting trip until one considers the strenuous activities that are involved with a successful hunt. Hiking over rough terrain and packing out an animal, for example, will increase the risk of heart attacks in those who aren’t used to such activities.

Practice Gun Safety

The proper handling of a firearm is always important. When in a situation where the guns are loaded with the intent to fire, the need to exercise extreme caution is even greater. Basic firearm safety is absolutely essential here.

Most importantly, never take a shot unless the target is 100% verified along with anything beyond it that the bullet may hit. Also, never take a shot at an animal standing atop the crest of a hill, as it is impossible to see what is behind it.

With the proper precautions, hunting is a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity. Just remember that accidents happen, no matter how prepared one is.

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